Impresión offset

impresión offset

This printing method is one of the indirect printing systems, since the raw material (generally paper) never has any contact with the plate cylinder (made of aluminium) in order to print the image.

The ink goes from the aluminium sheet to the blanket cylinder and then onto the paper, applying some pressure between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder.

With this we are able to obtain an image of consistent high quality, clearer and much more defined compared to other printing systems. It can be used on a great variety of surfaces apart from paper (wood, clothes, metal, leather, coarse paper). The plate cylinders (sheets of aluminium) are easy and quick to manufacture. Furthermore, the sheets last longer with this type of printing compared to direct lithography printing houses, since there is no direct contact between the aluminium sheet (plate cylinder) and the printing surface.

In large print runs, the cost of each print is lower than any other system. The Offset printing method has great advantages when printing anything paper-based:

  • High Tonal Value
  • High Printing Speed
  • Low Printing Costs
  • Easy to retouch