Custom made design


We use very modern and high-tech machinery in order to meet any demand in terms of quality as well as quantity. Our production lines are flexible and are able to supply any type of packaging, printed with HIGH QUALITY FLEXOGRAPHY and minimum delivery time to give our clients the best service.

Our design department is there to make our clients´ needs possible, from paper design to the making of models and prototypes. For this purpose we use 2D & 3D graphic design programmes and the latest technology.

In order to achieve the desired product we first must create a prototype using a Plotter, which will guarantee your satisfaction with the final product.

One of the products that we make that needs the most creative and design efforts are the display stands that we design with the clients, adapting them to each product and shape, creating attractive and original concepts. They are made in any format or size, and are printed with Offset or Flexography in 4 or more colours, laminated and/or varnished.

Our highly qualified creative designers are at your service to respond to any of your needs. For over 30 years we have been working with any type of cardboard design and for us, we take any new proposal as a challenge ready to overcome.

CARTONDIS, LETRO and TRELACO own a laboratory where they test both the raw material employed and the finished manufactured product.


  • WEIGHT: the mass of corrugated cardboard is expressed in grams per square meter (UNE-EN-ISO-536:1997).
  • THICKNESS: the distance between the opposite faces of the cardboard (UNE-EN-ISO-57.103.91).
  • BURSTING TEST (MÜLLEN): measures the maximum pressure that can be applied perpendicularly to the cardboard´s surface before it burst or ruptures (UNE-EN-ISO- 57059:2002).
  • PUNCTURE TEST: measures the energy required to puncture the cardboard using a pyramidal shape drilling head fixed to a pendulum (UNE- EN-ISO- 57.076.92). (UNE-EN-ISO)
  • BOX COMPRESSION TEST (BCT): measures the maximum pressure that can be applied to a corrugated cardboard box before it deforms by a designated amount depending on the product requirements (UNE-EN-ISO-30037:1996).
  • COBB- WATER ABSORTION TEST: determines the amount of water that the corrugated cardboard can absorb (UNE– EN-ISO-20535:1996).