Certified Quality

With our performance we take care of the Environment

The organization is engaging in the consumption of cleaner energy. For an equivalent production of cardboard, the consumption of GASOIL is being reduced from year to year, by the substitution of other less polluting energy sources; Forklifts using GASOIL are being changed to new ones using gas or electricity.

The lighting of the entire organization will gradually change to LED lamps, with the consequent savings in electricity consumption. The old lighting points are continually being replaced by LED lamps.

The main material used for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard packaging comes from recycled paper in a proportion greater than 70%, while it is a 100% recyclable product.

Our company, aware of the need to preserve the environment, assumes the responsibility that may correspond to it in this matter, acquiring the commitment to promote all actions aimed at ensuring that the development of its activity is carried out without causing damage to the environment and making compatible the economic growth of the company and the ecological balance in what may be affected by the activities it carries out.

To this end, the company defines its Policy by means of the following points:

  • To promote the concern for the care of the environment, by means of the Awareness and Motivation of the personnel and the suitable treatment of materials, products and residues.
  • Search for solutions aimed at saving energy consumption.
  • Encourage the consumption of recycled raw materials.
  • Search for supplies and auxiliary materials that do not contain heavy metals, toxins or any other type of contaminants in their composition.
  • Treatment of discharges and waste water.
  • Treatment of by-products and waste, facilitating whenever possible, their recycling.
  • Care and cleaning of neighbouring areas, providing them with landscaped spaces where possible.
  • Informing customers of aspects relating to the environmental policy regarding packaging and packaging waste.
  • In general, strict compliance with existing legal regulations, both in Spanish legislation and those contained in the directives of the Council of the European Union.
  • We have implemented the environmental management system ISO 14001, which ensures total confidence in this aspect to all our customers.